We are better together

WeUnify is a movement dedicated to fostering social unity for the well being and safety of our world

We curate and create calls to action to foster inclusion, respect and understanding

Step 1: We Understand
The problem
How might we deepen understanding and thinking around key issues of division and hatred prevalent in today's society?
The solution
WeUnify offers a Dialogues series of self-facilitated discussions make meaningful conversations happen between inspiring and inspired individuals on key issues of unity and division. Dialogues can be hosted by any WeUnify member and are open for participation to all.
Our topics include:
  • Identity and the need to belong
  • Empathy in an increasingly diverse world
  • Inclusion leadership
What you'll get
  • Understanding of some of the most pressing social challenges of our time
  • A chance to meet new friends from different backgrounds
Step 2: We Plan
What you need to succeed
Ready to get those good conversation vibes flowin'? Let's do this.
People you need:
  • Host must be a member of WeUnify. Not a member? Join for free here: Join WeUnify
  • 4 - 6 participants (friends or new faces) per Dialogue
Stuff you need:
  • Dialogues facilitation guides provided by WeUnify
  • Meeting space (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.)
Time and place
Dialogues are hosted on demand by the host
Step 3: We Unify
What you will do
  • Contact WeUnify to obtain a Dialogues facilitation guide on your topic of interest
  • Invite 4 - 6 participants
  • Use our Dialogues facilitation guide to create an engaging conversation on pressing social issues of division
Sign up for more information
More detailed instructions will be provided in the Dialogues facilitation guide.
Step 4: We Share
Inspire others to take action
  • Post pictures of your Dialogue on social media
  • Publish a blog on your most interesting conversation of the Dialogue
  • Use the #WeUnifyDialogues and #WeUnify hashtags
Want to get featured on WeUnify's website?
Submit your photos and stories to campaigns@weunify.org.

Deepen your understanding of topics of division.

Take action

Got questions? Contact us at campaigns@weunify.org.
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Get in touch to get started

We are hard at work building a snazzy app that will let you participate in our Dialogues at the click of a button. Until then, we'll have to kick it old school.

Email us at campaigns@weunify.org and a friendly member of our team will send you a Dialogues facilitation guide on the topic of your choice.

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