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WeUnify is a movement dedicated to fostering social unity for the well being and safety of our world

We curate and create calls to action to foster inclusion, respect and understanding

Step 1: We Understand
The problem
The world is more divided than ever in our generation, with tensions rising around Islamophobia and police brutality: how might we counter racism and bigotry on social media in a more disarming and constructive way?
The solution
WeUnify's #HatredOverHumor campaign uses humor in response to hatred to disarm negativity and open the door for more constructive dialogue.
What you'll get
  • If you want, we'll credit your submission in the image/video description
  • Be seen as the smooth operator in your social network who can turn hatred to positivity
  • Get the satisfaction of being part of a much needed solution to hatred spreading over social media
Step 2: We Unify
Calling for submissions
Help us build up a library of hilarious memes and videos which can be used to counter hatred over social media. Send your submissions to campaigns@weunify.org and we'll include it in our library once we launch.

Counter hatred online using humor.

Take action

Got questions? Contact us at campaigns@weunify.org.
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Email us at campaigns@weunify.org and a friendly member of our team will include your submission.

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