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Step 1: We Understand
The problem
In light of world events, how might we break misconceptions of Muslims held by everyday people?
The solution
Creating open invitations for interaction can break stereotypes, build relationships and foster trust across lines of difference. Your role is to set up "Meet A Muslim" booths in visible places such as at metro stations, the workplace cafeteria or on campus and invite everyday passerby's an opportunity to get to know Muslims in their communities.

If this social experiment is well received, we'll launch similar campaigns across all religions and ethnicities - wouldn't that be fun?
What you'll get
  • A chance to be featured on our website and social media
  • New friends from different backgrounds
Step 2: We Plan
What you need to succeed
Ready to get those good multi-cultural vibes flowin'? Let's do this.
People you need:
  • Recruit your friends from all backgrounds to form a multi-cultural posse!
  • Minimum of two Muslims per booth to engage in interactions (Non-Muslims can wrangle in passerby's and share information about WeUnify)
  • Minimum of one WeUnify Member. Not a member? Join for free here: Join WeUnify
Stuff you need:
  • Simple signage (standing tri-fold with a WeUnify logo pasted on top)
  • Tablet computers
  • Cameras (optional)
Time and place
We are running this campaign through the summer of 2016 so booths can be set up outside (and ahem, also create dialogue leading up to certain election cycles).
Step 3: We Unify
What you will do
  • Pick a time and place with high traffic
  • Set up your Ask Muslims Anything booth
  • Start sharing your culture with others
Sign up for more information
More detailed instructions will be provided when you sign up.
Step 4: We Share
Inspire others to take action
  • Post pictures of your booth on social media
  • Publish a blog on your most interesting conversation of the day
  • Use the #MeetAMuslim and #WeUnify hashtags
Want to get featured on WeUnify's website?
Submit your photos and stories to campaigns@weunify.org.

Create interactions between everyday Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Got questions? Contact us at campaigns@weunify.org.
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