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Step 1: We Understand
The problem
How might we build bridges between refugees and locals from their host countries, in turn dispelling negative perceptions and fears?
The solution
Creating open invitations for interaction can build relationships, break stereotypes and foster trust across lines of difference. Your role is to identify refugees in your community willing to participate in this event and set up "Meet A Refugee" booths in visible places to invite everyday passerby's an opportunity to get to know refugees in their communities.
What you'll get
  • New friends from across the globe
  • Be seen as a leader in bringing diverse groups together
  • Deepen your understanding of issues in global peace
Step 2: We Plan
What you need to succeed
Ready to get those good multi-cultural vibes flowin'? Let's do this.
People you need:
  • Recruit your friends from all backgrounds to form a multi-cultural posse!
  • Minimum of two refugees per booth to engage in interactions
  • Non-refugees can help organize and market the event
  • Minimum of one WeUnify Member. Not a member? Join for free here: Join WeUnify
Stuff you need:
  • Simple signage (standing tri-fold with a WeUnify logo pasted on top)
  • Cameras (optional)
Time and place
Given the importance of the refugee crisis, we are running this campaign indefinitely. We need you to bring it to your city!
Step 3: We Unify
What you will do
  • Work with local activists and refugee support groups to identify refugees who are willing to participate
  • Pick a time and place with high traffic such as upcoming festivals, shopping malls, outdoor plazas or even your place of work or education
  • Set up your Meet A Refugee booths
Sign up for more information
More detailed instructions will be provided when you sign up.
Step 4: We Share
Inspire others to take action
  • Post pictures of your booth on social media
  • Publish a blog on your most interesting conversation of the day
  • Use the #MeetARefugee and #WeUnify hashtags
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Create bridges to the refugee community.

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